About Us

Ali Gholami is committed to our vision of the Cycle of Freshness.

We are a family run business that strives to provide quality products and build long-lasting relationships with our customers and leading retailers, based on mutual trust. We work with first-rate products and provide a first-class service. Our customers’ needs come first and we believe in an impeccable service.

As a regional supplier we take pride in supporting the surrounding communities which has only helped build our business over the years. We are located in the heart of Dubai, which is well known as a fantastic agricultural trading hub in the region


Lead by Mr Ali Panah Gholami, who is well known in the Vegetable & Fruits Trading business founded the organization during early 1970s. It is a passion for him to serve the nation, the business community and the consumers by providing quality products from various countries.

In the highly competitive market, only the strong survive. The secret to our strength and success is Integrity. It’s the driving force behind everything we do from hiring employees to servicing of clients requirement. As a family-owned and operated company, we stand by our word. The result is our clients enjoy our service, employees love their job, and stores operating at peak performance.

Thanking you for being a part of our business network